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10@12 Webinar: Shareholder Rights: when is a shareholder a member and when does it matter?

Shareholders have various rights to participate in a company and to litigate. Sometimes the ability to exercise those rights depends upon whether someone is a “member”; that is, a person whose name is entered on the company’s register of members. In this webinar, Edward Davies KC and Stephen Horan examine the various corporate and litigation contexts where being a “member” really does matter and where past membership, or beneficial ownership, are insufficient. They will also cover the steps that need to be taken by someone who thinks they have shareholder rights to ensure that those rights can be fully exercised.

10 points that will be covered : 

  1. Membership of a company – when is a shareholder a member?
  2. Rectification of the register of members – when is it necessary to go to court?
  3. Intermediated securities – CREST, CSDs, beneficial ownership and nominees/custodians
  4. Exercise of membership rights by nominees and beneficiaries
  5. Benefits of membership – voting
  6. Benefits of membership – capital and income
  7. Personal actions by shareholders to enforce rights under the articles
  8. Standing to present s.994 CA 2006 unfair prejudice petition
  9. Members’ schemes of arrangement
  10. Claims against listed companies for misleading information under ss.90/90A FSMA 2000


Edward Davies KC
Stephen Horan