Terms of Business


The Code of Conduct provides that barristers are obliged under the Cab Rank Rule to accept instructions which are offered either (a) on the Standard Contractual Terms for the Supply of Legal Services to Authorised Persons annexed to the Code  (the “Bar Council Terms”) or (b) on terms which a barrister or the barrister’s Chambers have published as the barrister’s standard terms of work.

At Erskine Chambers the default position is that instructions are accepted by barristers, in line with the Cab Rank Rule, under (a) the Bar Council Terms which can be found here or (b) the current COMBAR/CLLS Terms Payment Basis A (the latest terms for which can be downloaded here).

Barristers at Erskine Chambers will, of course, consider alternative terms of engagement but they are not obliged to accept instructions on any other terms unless by discussion and agreement.