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10@12 Webinar Series -Share Sale Agreements: How to Effectively Limit Claims

Share sale agreements invariably take place pursuant to a written contract, but this is not sufficient to ensure against unforeseen liability attaching to one of the parties. This webinar will focus on the various ways in which a share sale agreement may be undermined or put at risk and will examine strategies that can be put in place to prevent this.

10 points that will be covered :

1.What do warranties and indemnities achieve?

2.How do limitations on warranty liability qualify the general legal position?

3.How do warranties fit in with the disclosure exercise?

4.What is meant by “fairly disclosed”?

5.When do warranties have effect from?

6.How may warranties be affected by knowledge?

7.Why are claim notification provisions so important and how do they operate?

8.How should claim notification letters be drafted?

9.What other limitations are commonly employed to restrict liability for breach of warranty?

10.What other provisions may have the effect of killing-off, or restricting, an otherwise viable warranty claim?

Nigel Dougherty
Carleen Sobczyk