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10@12 Webinar Series – Valuation in Shareholder Disputes 

The next webinar will take place at 12pm on 10 February 2023. James Potts KC and Conor McLaughlin will be discussing issues relating to valuation in shareholder and joint venture disputes including valuation methods, date of valuation, adjustments to valuation and minority discount. They will also consider practical and tactical issues relating to valuation and experts, such as choice of expert and how early valuation may assist in resolution of disputes.

The webinar is aimed at those who encounter valuation issues in litigation (including arbitration) and corporate advisory work – for example, in unfair prejudice petitions or advising shareholders establishing joint ventures.


10 points that will be covered

1.Why is valuation important to both litigators and corporate lawyers advising shareholders?

2.What approaches can the Court take to valuation in shareholder disputes?

3.At what date will the shares be valued?

4.When will the Court apply a discount for a minority shareholding in a quasi-partnership?

5.When will the Court apply a discount for a minority shareholding in companies which are not a quasi-partnership?

6.What adjustments might be made to the valuation by the Court?

7.What are some of the main pitfalls around valuation issues?

8.When should experts be involved?

9.Are O’Neill v Phillips offers still important?

10.Can the Court award interest when it orders a buy-out of shares?

James Potts KC
Conor McLaughlin