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10@12 Webinar Series : Key company law issues for associates.

In this webinar, Dan Butler and Lily Church will highlight ten of the most important company law issues that every associate should be aware of. It will introduce and examine fundamental areas of company law that are often misunderstood, as well as offering guidance to associates on how to avoid these common pitfalls.

10 points that will be covered :

1. Corporate personality and the importance of maintaining separation between companies in a group context.
2. Directors’ fiduciary duty to act within their powers.
3. Directors’ fiduciary duty to promote the success of the company.
4. Directors’ fiduciary duty to avoid conflicts of interest.
5. Ratification – when and how should a company decision be ratified?
6. Corporate decision-making and the rights of disaffected shareholders.
7. Legal professional privilege in the context of shareholder disputes.
8. Distributions – what to look out for and how to get them right.
9. Transactions defrauding creditors – when they arise and how to avoid breaching s.423 of the Insolvency Act.
10. The “rule against reflective loss” – what is it and how do you spot it?

Dan Butler
Lily Church