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10@12 Webinar Series : B Corps

B Corporations started in the United States but are proliferating in the UK as more companies see benefits in parading their social awareness credentials. In this webinar, Stephen Horan will explain what a B Corp is and what companies have to do to become one in the UK. He will also discuss the legal implications of becoming a B Corp. Are they legally accountable for what they claim they do? Are they really that different from other companies or is it just a matter of presentation?

10 points that will be covered :

1. What is a B Corp
2. How do you become a B Corp
3. Who certifies a B Corp
4. What changes need to be made to a company’s articles of association
5. Is there a change in a director’s duties
6. How legally binding or enforceable are the legal changes
7. ClientEarth v Shell and directors’ incidental duties
8. Would ClientEarth v Shell have been decide differently if Shell had been a B Corp
9. What are the current approaches of English law to stakeholder theory
10. Are B Corps more legally accountable

Stephen Horan