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10@12 Webinar: Privilege in Corporate Disputes

  1. What Company documents are shareholders generally able to access?
  2. What Company documents are directors generally able to access?
  3. What are the two different types of legal professional privilege
  4. What is the basic common law “rule” in relation to a shareholder seeking disclosure of legal advice given to the company?
  5. When does the exception to the rule arise?
  6. What justifications have been provided for the rule?
  7. What are the potential weaknesses in the justifications?
  8. What about indirect shareholders or beneficial owners or shares?
  9. What are the potential pros and cons of disclosing/obtaining disclosure of the Company’s legal advice?
  10. What about if the advice was taken jointly by the company and a shareholder or taken for the benefit of directors or the advice is shared with others?

James Potts KC
Jack Rivett