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10@12 Webinar :”Momentous Supreme Court Ruling on Directors” BTI 2014 LLC v Sequana SA [2022] UKSC 25

This Webinar will start at 12 noon on 25 November and will consider the impact of the supreme court decision in Sequana BTI 2014 LLC v Sequana SA [2022] UKSC 25.

Andrew Thompson KC, who was lead counsel for the Appellant, explains the impact of the first Supreme Court case to have considered directors’ duties to consider and act in the interests of a company’s creditors where the company is insolvent or approaching insolvency, which Lady Arden described as a “momentous” decision for company law.

This Webinar covers 4 themes:

1.A summary of the case – the key facts and claims

2.What the Supreme Court decided – and how it has changed the law

3.What it left undecided – whether preserving existing authority or leaving uncertainty

4.Most importantly, the practical impact of the decision on claims and on the task of advising boards.


Andrew Thompson KC