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10@12 Series: Share buybacks

The statutory procedure permitting a company to purchase its own shares has many pitfalls, with a breach having significant consequences – not least the buy-back being void and a breach constituting an offence. In this webinar, James Potts KC & Jack Rivett will look at the most common procedural failures, their consequences and how to remedy them.

Essential viewing for lawyers or accountants engaged in corporate work, including acquisitions and company restructuring.

10 points that will be covered :

1.Why does compliance matter?

2.Need for authorisation

3.Do you need a separate contract?

4.Lack of formal approval by members

5.Failure to produce proposed contract to members

6.How do you fund the buy-back?

7.What kind of consideration and when do you pay it?

8.Filing and stamping

9.Addressing defects

10.Remedies for selling shareholder

To view the case reference list, please click here.

James Potts KC
Jack Rivett