10@12 Webinar: Arbitration of Corporate Disputes

10@12 Webinar: Cross-Border Jurisdiction and Arbitration Cooperation in Commercial and Insolvency Disputes

Cross-border cooperation in jurisdiction, arbitration and insolvency management has seen rapid developments in Hong Kong and Mainland China recently. This webinar takes stock of the recent developments and also assesses the Hong Kong/Mainland developments from the English and offshore perspectives.1. Is there cross-border insolvency cooperation between Hong Kong and the Mainland?2. Is there arbitration cooperation between Hong Kong and the Mainland?3. What is the interaction between winding-up, arbitration and jurisdiction clause?4. How does the Hong Kong court manage jurisdiction disputes over keepwell agreements and cross-border illegality?5. When will a Hong Kong court give assistance to a liquidator of an insolvent company appointed in the place of incorporation?6. Does it make a difference if the company is solvent?  7. Is Hong Kong in the mainstream or an outlier in this respect?8. How do the courts in the place of incorporation approach applications for JPLs and winding up where the COMI is in Hong Kong/PRC?9. What is the latest approach to the jurisdiction to wind up a foreign company (solvent or otherwise)?10. How does the Hong Kong court apply the Gibbs rule vis-a-vis Chapter 15 recognition?


Speakers: David Chivers QC  and Look Chan Ho (Door Tenant)


David Chivers KC
Look Chan Ho (Door Tenant)